PT Sebangsa Bersama

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Company Detail

Sebangsa was established in 2012 by seasoned professionals with various background from communication, social media, technology to business, with a mission to share and build Indonesia together through the use of digital technology.

Sebangsa Network is a pioneer of Indonesian-made social media that oriented towards digital social-platform that reflects the nation’s culture and which can produce positive benefits for society.

Sebangsa Network builds several digital social platforms to support Social Leaders to be able to disseminate inspiration and help people around with a wider range and the impact of sustainable benefits.

Sebangsa Network innovates to create a variety of digital social platforms that promote national cultural values ​​such as tolerance and sharing benefits. Culture that likes to be creative in exciting togetherness, without tearing up social fabric.

We are a group of children of nation located in Jogja and Jakarta, who have a high spirit and commitment to innovate with social platforms that can create new, exciting and useful experiences that are typical of Indonesia.

Our Platform :

  1. Sebangsa App, a social media to build Indonesian communities. Through our social networks on Sebangsa and Komunita.id (an affiliate web), we have implemented over 100 workshops, training sessions, discussion gatherings, online activities and large community events. We have interacted with hundreds of social communities and have digitally categorized over 6,000 communities. Channel: Web (www.sebangsa.com), Android, iOS
  2. Arena.id is a virtual public platform that allows attendees to enjoy the digital stage and interact with the Performer on the stage. ARENA serves to accommodate conventional events which packaged in the virtual platform such as debates, talk shows, discussions, auctions and others. Channel: Web (www.arena.id), Android
  3. Komunita.id is the largest and most complete directory portal in Indonesia.

Lets inspire together, for a better Indonesia!